Three Important Steps To The Writing Process

Here is a great post from Allison Maruska on the writing process

Allison Maruska

I visited a rather unique place last weekend.


It’s a temporary exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and seeing as my family and I 1. Love Star Wars, and 2. mostly haven’t been to the art museum (I’m the only one who has), it was a good opportunity to gain some artistic insight.

Isn’t this post about the writing process, you may be thinking. Bear with me for a minute. We’ll get there.

The exhibit featured costumes that appeared in the movies.

Descriptions were about fabric choices, design, and embellishments, among other things. There were costumes from every movie and every character you could think of and those you wouldn’t (the galactic senate, for example). There were also quotes from various people/characters on the walls, including this one, in the room representing a design studio.


I took that at a funny angle, so allow me to transcribe.

Your first drawing has…

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