Interview with Bernard Foong (pen name ‘Young’), author of the provocative ‘Harem Boy’ memoirs.

Stevie Turner


I first came to know  Bernard when I belonged to the same book club as him.  His book ‘A Harem Boy’s Saga’ (the first in the ‘Harem Boy’ series) was chosen for reading, and I was fascinated by his adolescent experiences at a U.K boarding school, where he was initiated into a clandestine sexual society, E.R.O.S (The Enlightened Royal Oracle Society). From the U.K school he was periodically spirited to the Middle East, where for four years he also attended the Bahriji School (Oasis) in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for serving in Harems for the wealthy and elite.  ‘A Harem Boy’s Saga’ is also a love story between Bernard and his ‘Valet’ Andy, who served as Bernard’s chaperone and mentor during his Harem service.

Since reading ‘A Harem Boy’s Saga’ I have always wanted to ask the following 20 questions, so I contacted Bernard, who kindly agreed to answer them.

1.  Why…

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