The making of a self-published author: No one ‘right’ way to succeed

I had a wish starting from 5th grade: to publish a book. A wish finally fulfilled this year when my first book, “Usable Software Design” became available on leanpub (sic).


So my friend Alex Bolboacă (photo) begins his account of becoming a published author: a fascinating tale that kept me glued to the screen, even though I’ve been there already, and my patience isn’t what it used to be, either. Don’t be put off by the ostensible subject matter; what little programming jargon is peppered throughout Alex’s article is incidental to the real story. Namely, what it takes to become a (self-)published author — and hopefully remain one. While the process is different for everyone, the lessons we can learn from comparing notes are invaluable.

Some of my friend’s advice should be obvious by now, as often as it’s been repeated lately, but for some reason it still isn’t:…

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