How to Ask for Book Reviews


Plot-Twist-cartoonFor every book I read, I leave a review on both Amazon and Goodreads. It’s important to let authors know the things we liked or didn’t like about their book.

I’m by no means, one of the top 100 Amazon Reviewers, but recently requests asking for a review has increased; most of the time, I try to help out a fellow writer, but it’s becoming more difficult as I try to focus on my current work in progress (WIP).

If you visit my Amazon page, you’ll find my reviews are, by far, on books I’ve chosen to read – for pleasure, on the craft of writing, research, or non-fiction books of interest. If you check out my blog or Bio, you can tell my preferred genre.

I’ve noticed in a few of the requests I’ve received; the author has not done the necessary ‘homework’ to find the best reviewer…

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