7 Blogging Misconceptions (For Beauty, Book, Food Bloggers & More!)

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Donatella Petitti

-Contributor, Inspirational Speaker, Founder of Shamelessly Addicted to Caffeine, and young teen in high school

Xperia-underwater Photo Credits: Dailymotion

7 Blogging Misconceptions

You may not notice the things that are holding you back from being a great blogger and you would be quiet surprised as to what they are!

Misconception #7: You Need To Have A Narrowed Down Niche

Think of your blog like yourself, are you just one thing? NO! So why should your blog be? We can like many things such as sports, photography, writing, reading, beauty or fashion all at once so why can’t our blog be like that? Now for some bloggers it may be a bit more important to stay true to the niche, but at the end of the day write what you would like to write about and your readers will read it. Pick a…

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2 thoughts on “7 Blogging Misconceptions (For Beauty, Book, Food Bloggers & More!)

  1. This is a reassuring find! I’m especially glad for the reminder that other bloggers are friends and supporters, not competition. I’ve found that to be true in spades! Also, I like learning that I don’t have to post hundreds of things if I pick topics I believe in. Thanks for sharing this, Don.

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