My first go at editing another authors book

Here is some very good insight into the editor’s role from an author’s perspective

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I have just finished my first job as an editor, a few days ahead of schedule I might add! I have been working on the now released Soul Siphon by James Harrington, a book I can recommend, but then I would say that. I thought it might be interesting to share what the editing process involves.

If you are lucky enough to get taken on by a traditional publisher then the editing process can involve several different edits from structural right the way to a proof reader, but not for the self-published author, unless you have a lot of money to spend. Because of the cost you have to have everything done in one go, so for every chapter I do the following;

Look at the structure, check the chapter breaks make sense, does it have to many characters, make sure the plot works, is the character development there and…

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