Author Talk – Lisa Caretti

10635754_10205304166783691_8494155834166656128_n (2)Today’s featured author is Lisa Caretti. Lisa is a Michigan-based author who is going to tell us a bit about herself and her latest thriller.

DM: What is the title and genre of the book you want to tell us about?

LC: My latest suspense/thriller is titled The Last to Know.

DM: Can you summarize your book in one sentence?

LC: Bretta Berryman quickly discovers that her new home holds evil secrets that appear to be connected to her spouse’s past.

DM: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

LC: Those that appreciate page-turning thrillers with unpredictable twists and turns will want to read The Last to Know.

DM: How did you come up with the title?

LC: As the story began to unfold, Bretta’s unkind husband reminds her that the trouble with crazy people is that they are always the last to know.

IMG_0373DM: Tell me about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image?

LC: I had fun creating the cover. The old house directly ties in with the story.

DM: What are your biggest writing influences?

LC: I love to read. Whenever I am engrossed in book by another author, ideas pop into my head for my next book. It is a strange connection because the concepts never have anything to do with the book I am reading.

DM: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

LC: I adore Alice! She is childlike, eccentric but surprisingly knowledgeable. I wish she lived on my street and could help me with my garden.

DM: How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?

LC: Wanda Bee is someone that you love to hate. She is rude, selfish, and most annoying.

DM: If you could change ONE thing about your novel, what would it be?  Why?

LC: I would have elaborated more on the horrors that took place in the attic.

DM : Can you give us a fun fact or a few about your book?

LC: I got the idea for Rose’s memory bear business from a dear friend of mine by the name of Sue Kulongowski. Sue’s business, Beary Unique Contemporary Crafts, turns grandma’s old nightgown into a work of art.

DM: What other books are similar to your own?  What makes them alike?

LC: I have been told a few times that my books remind them of the works of Mary Higgins Clark.

DM: Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

LC: I am the Co-Founder of The Healing Nest, a non-profit organization which provides free services to women with cancer.

DM: How can we find out more about you and your books?

LC: Check out

DM: What can we expect from you in the future?

LC: I am working on my next novel right now which will not be a suspense/thriller.

DM: What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

LC: Post a review on I always forget to ask.

DM: Do you have any advice for other writers trying to get published?

LC: If you love to write, just keep at it.

DM: Can you give us an excerpt from your book?

LC: Sure

She was gone but still within the window of passing that he actually considered playing the game with her.

For old times’ sake he told himself.

But she was old and nasty with thick yellow toenails, so in the end decided against it. He had to use his time wisely plus it would hardly be the same without the others.

He tapped his foot loudly on the attic’s bare wooden planks while he plotted.  Her oversized remains would have to fit in that chest one way or another, even if things got a little messy.

About Lisa Caretti: 

Lisa Caretti grew up in Detroit, MI and now resides in Washington Twp. MI with her husband, three children and two rescue dogs.

Lisa is also the President and Co-founder of “The Healing Nest”, a non-profit organization which supports women with cancer and is a Manager with Arbonne International.

The Last to Know is her second published novel.

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