Why Everyone Should Learn How To Be An Indie Author Even If They Plan To Publish Traditionally, Part 3

Here is Dan Alatorre’s third part in this series. It’s a good one.

Dan Alatorre

Part 3/Conclusion

I’m on my first sales call and my boss is watching and the homeowner has made a decision – but I’m not sure what he decided!

No, the homeowner says; they don’t do any financing. “The home belonged to my father, who just passed away. We are taking over the asset and we want to do the maintenance it needs.”


“The house has some roaches…”

Yes it does.


I mention that I believe it saves you money if you get preventive maintenance done on a home pre-inheritance. Otherwise you pay taxes and it’s a better deal for you to do it ahead of time. He agrees. So I’m thinking Hey, pretty good – I got my pest control sale at rate card and maybe I’ll get it paid a year in advance. My boss will be happy.

So the shrimper goes, “Okay, I’ll buy the whole…

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