Know Subtext? Got Subtext on the Page? – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Margie Lawson

How well do you read body language?

 How well do you share subtext on the page?

Take this quick quiz, then enjoy the examples of writing fresh faces and voices below the quiz.

  1. Ninety-three percent of communication is nonverbal. T    F
  2. If people say the right words, it doesn’t matter how they say them. T    F
  3. Some people wait a few seconds before showing their nonverbal response. T   F
  4. Body language can only be interpreted one way. T    F
  5. People subconsciously mirror nonverbal behaviors of others. T    F
  6. If the words and body language contradict each other, the listener believes the body language. T   F
  7. Facial expressions convey 85% of the nonverbal message. T   F
  8. People can hide their emotions by keeping their face blank. T   F
  9. Lips carry more nonverbal messages than eyes. T    F
  10. When anxious, people touch their face more often. T    F

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