The hero’s journey, and the real world – From The Story Empire Blog

Hey all, happy Valentine’s Day and all that goes with it. Craig here today, and how the heck did I draw February 14th in the rotation? We have a number of romance authors, and even erotica authors here at Story Empire, but somehow you got the speculative fiction guy.

So, we aren’t touching romance with a ten yard chain today. I have two ideas, one about self promotion, the other about the hero’s journey. Time for the coin toss.

Hero’s journey it is.

There are any number of plotting methods out there, and my living document on the subject has about seven. In a nutshell, they involve a reluctant hero taking on incredible odds to save the day. There are reasons for all of this, including making the hero relatable, facing incredible odds, and coming out the other side with some version of success and personal growth.

For today’s post, I’m going to take that and work around an idea I hold dear. I like to stuff my tales full of as much reality as I can before asking for a leap of faith on the speculative element. I write about robots and talking hats, so it’s important to me to base as much as I can on reality. To this end, I even sporadically post about odd things in a series I call The Idea Mill.

via The hero’s journey, and the real world

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