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Author Don Massenzio

How to End a Story from the Maltese Tiger Blog

Some people say the ending is the most important part of a story. I’m inclined to agree. Mess up the ending, and your reader will feel cheated. Like they’ve wasted their time. The greatest premise in the world won’t mean squat if you can’t stick the landing.

I’ve experienced this personally. Remember the game series Mass Effect? I invested hundreds of hours in that game and was so excited when the final installment hit shelves. But, in the end- SPOILER ALERT– your character just dies. It’s sold as a sacrifice for some higher purpose, but it didn’t feel that way. After all that time and emotional investment it felt like, well…

It felt like a kick in the balls.

Now, I can’t help you write the perfect ending, but I can help steer you away from some of the cliffs. Here are a few things that will help you craft that perfect ending.

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