How to Survive a Confidence Crisis – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

How to Survive a Confidence Crisis

I learn something new with every book I write. Usually, it’s craft-related, or characterization, high concept–concrete things.

But this next book taught me something deeper and more important. I’m hoping something in my pain and suffering will keep some of you from the same.

First, a bit of backstory. The past almost two years, I’ve taken huge hits in my career as an author. I love romance, but have wanted to break into women’s fiction fo-evah. So:

  • I wrote the book of my heart. I loved it. NY loved the writing, but eventually turned me down – not a large enough audience for a Western Women’s Fiction. Okay, fine, I self-pubbed it. (Days Made of Glass).
  • I started a hard-hitting, Jodi Picoult-esque women’s fiction proposal. I slaved over every word. The editors loved it. Except. It was too sad. So I rewrote the proposal and synopsis. They still thought it was too sad. Ouch. I’ve put the book in the drawer until I can find a way to appease NY, and still write the book I want.
  • I took time out of chasing NY to write a romance novella for an anthology with some friends of mine. (Cowboy Karma).

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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