Putting a Fresh New Face on My WordPress Site

Some of you may have noticed the new look of my WordPress site. I did this for a few reasons. Chief among them was:

time mgt

  • Time – I’ve been maintaining a regular web site at www.donmassenzio.com along with the WordPress site at donmassenzio.wordpress.com. The regular web site had all of the usual things you would expect, a landing page, a book page, a bio page and a news page. What it didn’t have was a blog. When I built it, I didn’t think blogging was something I needed to be involved in. I was wrong. I’ve now consolidated into a single site hosted on WordPress. I’ve redirected my domain from my other web site so that it brings up the WordPress site.

Image result for writer

  • Professional Reasons – I can’t lie. My end goal is to be a full-time writer some day and to offer things around the profession of writing. I’m a consultant by trade, so the desire to help others improve their work is part of their DNA. Someday, when I have more time, I’d like to explore offering editing, formatting and ghost writing services to supplement my own writing pursuits. It’s too soon to do this now as I wouldn’t be able to devote adequate time to it, but down the road it’s a strong possibility.

Image result for obnoxious

  • Promote My Work Without Being Obnoxious – I have been blogging for about 2 1/2 years now and it’s a daily activity that I look forward to. My fear is that it was becoming a bigger part of my identity than my writing. On the other hand, I didn’t want to beat my followers over the head with constant book promotions. I created a book page sometime ago, but a dirt road in the middle of the desert gets more traffic. I decided to keep the book page, with more detail about my books, but I also put clickable images of all of my book covers in the sidebar on the blogging page. More on this later.

I’m always looking for feedback from the blogging community and yours is welcome. The site will likely be a living/breathing organism for some time to come. Please, tell me what you like and don’t like about it. Look around. Rate the pages if you feel like it. Kick the tires. Please let me know if anything’s broken.

Thanks for your constant support and advice.



24 thoughts on “Putting a Fresh New Face on My WordPress Site

  1. I fully understand the issue of time. It is why I don’t get to read yours and other blogs I follow nearly as often as I would like. My own writing, including related research, is taking fully 10-12 hours of my day now, family and household chores another 3-4, sleep 3-4, and that leaves very little time for anything else. I have petitioned the government for an additional six hours per day, but thus far they have been silent on my request. When I can get over here, I enjoy your blog, and what I most appreciate is the help you provide for so many aspiring and struggling writers. I know that if I ever find that I have a book in me, you will be the first I turn to for advice! Keep up the good work, Don!

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      • Thanks Don! I’m glad you find value in my posts … I wish there were time to do more, but I struggle with 2 a day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just hope there will be a time sometime in the NEAR future that there is brighter news to report on!

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  2. You’ve done an excellent job with the new look blog, Don. It’s easy to navigate, eye-catching, and is clutter free. I note you don’t have a widget bar and could not find any of your social media links (although I may have missed them). If you don’t have any, I’d recommend adding them somewhere on your site so that people can also follow you on them.
    All the links I clicked on all worked.

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