A Good Problem to Have – Advice Needed

This is an ask for some advice from some of the experienced authors out there in the blogosphere. I have some funds available to invest in pushing exposure for my books forward and I’m trying to decide among the various options that I have in front of me for spending these funds. I’m looking to those of you that have used some of these methods to weigh in on your strategy and/or results.

Here are some of the options I’ve come up with:


  • Bookbub – In the past, I was taken aback by the price for Bookbub deals for featured books. If I were to use my funds in this area, I would exhaust almost all of them. Based on Bookbubs estimates for purchases of featured books, it looks like I would get a good return on my investment. The category for most of my books, crime fiction, is the most competitive and most expensive on bookbub, so, I’m not even sure I would be accepted. I’ve submitted all of my books for deals with the hopes that one will be selected. One book, Blood Orange, is in the thriller category which is cheaper and less competitive. If this book were selected, I might have funds left over for other activities.
  • social mediaSocial Media Ads – I have had some success in the past with Facebook ads, but the return on investment has been minimal. Most of the success has come with promoting free books and not with pre-orders or purchases of existing books. I’m not sure that social media ads, on their own, is the way to go.


  • Kindle Scout and Promotion Blitz – I am very intrigued by the Kindle Scout program and am looking to enroll my new book into it. I thought, if I do this, I should have a coordinated campaign to tell people about it. I’m not sure what the Amazon rules are around doing this, but I will definitely check this out and may do this regardless of other options chosen.
  • Professional Book Cover Design – I’ve been using Fiverr.com for my book cover design and have been happy with them thus far. I think it might be overkill to spend a great deal more on a book cover, but I could be persuaded otherwise.
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    Book Contests – There are many contests out there. Some seem very legitimate. Others, not so much. The entry fees and rewards vary widely. I’m not sure how much sales are driven by saying your book won an award, but it seems like a bit of a gamble.

  • Have a Screenplay Written for One of My Books – I’ve been going through this painful process myself. This is a different kind of writing with a great number of rules that take time to learn.
  • Some Other Strategy that I’m Missing – I’m open to suggestions from those of you that have had success with one platform or another. Feel free to chime in.




6 thoughts on “A Good Problem to Have – Advice Needed

  1. Hi Don, I wish I had some pearls of wisdom to share, but having never used any of the above, I really don’t. But I wanted to say that I share your pain over screenwriting – such a different discipline! Promotion is the hardest thing about publishing, I find. I wish you all the best with it – no doubt a chap of your caliber will sniff out the right path!

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    • Lucy, Thanks for weighing in. I know there are some talented authors in this community that have seen some success. I use posts like these so that we can all benefit. I doubt there is a magic formula, but anything we can learn is helpful. As for the screenplay, I’m plodding ahead. One thing I might try is finishing the screenplay myself and then have someone evaluate (and fix) the final product.

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