Introducing an Exciting New Author

I couldn’t be more proud this morning to introduce a new children’s book author.

My daughter, Lillie, has published her first book on Amazon. Her book is called The Scary Tower of Doom, and it’s a children’s book that was written completely by her. We found a great illustrator and now the book is live on Amazon on the kindle and will be out in hard copy later this week.

cover2Here is a blurb about the book:

A princess, a prince, a witch and a dragon; This story by Lillie Massenzio has it all. The best thing is, it’s a story for kids that was written by one. Will the princess and her friends be rescued? Look inside to find out.

Here is a bit about this new author:


Lillie Massenzio is eight years old and is a 3rd grader at Cunningham Creek Elementary School in St. Johns, Florida. This is her first book that she was able to create despite her busy schedule. She is an avid baker and artist and loves to play with her friends in her spare time.

You can check out her book HERE.


57 thoughts on “Introducing an Exciting New Author

  1. Well done, Lillie!! You are well on your way. I was 12 when my first short story was published in a newspaper and much much older that that when my first book was published. I wish you tons of luck!!!

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  2. How inspiring! I used to write at that age, but it’s wonderful that, with technology and accessibility, we can have published Authors as young as Lillie. I hope this inspires her going forward, whether it be in writing or something else; if not, it’s always a lovely memento have in yours/her history 🙂

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  5. This is awesome, I just checked out her book on Amazon and I must say, she’s an inspiration that’s for sure. Tell her congratulations from another inspiring author. She deserves the credit as well as the praise. You’re a lucky father!
    I too hope to one day get published with my writings. I write a little blog regarding my journey as a writer and you can follow along at
    Tell her to keep up the amazing work and awesome job on the blog!

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  6. Awesome! I am so proud of you. I am 39 and my first ever children’s book is coming out in December called Blessings for Betsy. Stay strong in your writing and I know it will take you far. You are my inspiration to keep on writing. Congrats!

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