Keeping Track of Your Characters – Who is Who and What Have They Done?

I posted this exactly a year ago. As I work on my fourth Frank Rozzani detective book and my sixth book overall, the tips in here still work. Of course, I have trouble keeping my kids name straight. Hope you enjoy it.

Author Don Massenzio

This week’s blog is another opportunity for me to share a technique that works very well for me during my writing process.  Throughout my personal and professional life, I have been horrible remembering names. I can remember phone numbers, addresses, and useless facts that make me desirable on any trivia team. The writing process has revealed my one memory flaw to be a challenge for me as well when it comes to remembering character names, physical descriptions, life events, and ages.

When I hand wrote my first novel in a series of notebooks, I found myself having to write character names and characteristics in the back of one of the notebooks so that I could flip back and forth whenever I needed to figure out who did what and where they came from.

When I switched to using Scrivener along with my laptop, desktop, and tablet (depending on where I was doing…

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Your Characters – Who is Who and What Have They Done?

  1. Mr. Massenzio, I am an avid reader/listener (kinda sight impaired) and was so excited to run across you. I am a Syracusan myself, transplanted to the PNW, just south of Seattle. Tell me, do you miss the delicatessens of CNY, the mom n pop stores, the northside? Wow, I do like crazy. I am enjoying your books very much. I worked in a library system for 26 years….are you not in them because of being an independent? Or maybe you are in some on the east coast? I have checked the catalog here for 2 libraries and do not find you. If you wish to send a couple of your books to Pierce County Library c/o Kati Irons-Perez with a note asking her to have our fiction collection/developer to read and consider, and that I asked you to send her the books, maybe we can get you in out here. Kati is also in the collection department and a personal friend of mine. Anyhow WOOT….I am thrilled I found you. Sincerely…Midge Culver

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