The Importance of an Editor and Beta Readers for Independent Authors

I had lunch with my wonderful friend and editor today and I thought that this would be a great post to reblog in her honor. Thank you Catherine.

Author Don Massenzio

My blog this week focuses on the importance of using an editor and enlisting beta readers if you are an independent author.

Let’s start by comparing/contrasting independent and traditional publishing. In traditional publishing, an author receives an advance (if he or she is lucky). This advance is usually a fairly small amount. The author may then receive royalties for books sold after a certain number. The royalties can vary from pennies per book to dollars if you are a bestselling author. In exchange for allowing the traditional publisher to publish your work, you receive editing, formatting, publicity, and marketing services. The quality and effectiveness of these services can vary depending on how much the publishing company believes it can make from your book. In the end, very few published authors make a living wage from traditionally published books.

Independent authors know that their world is a different one. All of the…

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of an Editor and Beta Readers for Independent Authors

  1. Didn’read the first blog, but I am hooked. Wish it were a novel so I would’t have to wait and would have a few days of great reading. Many questions, can’t wait to see the answers unfold. Love the concept.


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