Pacing, An Article by Author O. N. Stefan

For my author friends out there, this post is a great set of tips about pacing. I’m reminded of the words of Elmore Leonard, one of my favorite writers, who said, “If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.”

Susan Finlay Writes

I recently began a new blog series, Writing and Publishing Tips From Authors Around the World, to help writers. The twenty-sixth contribution to this series is by O. N. Stefan, an Australian author, with my article about pacing.

PACING by O.N. Stefan

This is essential for every story whether it be a full length novel or a short story. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing romance, thriller, horror, fantasy, sci fi, or YA. You must ensure your readers will turn the page to see what happens next. Your TASK is to make the readers want to keep reading no matter what is happening around them.
a. Something must happen in every scene.
b. A question must remain unanswered at the end of ever chapter except the very last one.
c. Ensure your Main Character propels that action. The reader wants to emphasize with the MC and intimately share experiences and…

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