#BlogTour #BookReview Finding Alison by Deirdre Eustace @bwpublishing

Check out the book, Finding Alison, by Deirdre Eustace, as it makes a blog tour stop on The Quiet Knitter blog

The Quiet Knitter


Published: 18 May 2017


No one in Carniskey has ever truly understood what led Sean Delaney, a seasoned local fisherman, to risk his life in a high storm in the dead of night. Now, three years on from that tragic night, his wife Alison is still struggling with her unresolved grief and increasing financial worries.

After three difficult years, Alison has grown distant from her daughter and estranged from her friends and fellow villagers, particularly her best friend Kathleen who harbours a deeply guarded secret of her own. Isolated by its stunning yet often cruel surroundings, this is a community used to looking after its own but the arrival of an outsider – artist and lifelong nomad, William – offers Alison a new perspective on life and love that threatens to unearth the mysteries of the past.

A story of courage and enduring humanity, Finding Alison follows the community…

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Review: I Promise You This by Patricia Sands @patricia_sands #giveaway

Review: I Promise You This by Patricia Sands @patricia_sands #giveaway

Check out the book, I Promise You This, by Patrcia Sands, as featured on the Novel Gossip blog


Release date: May 17, 2016

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Women’s Fiction


Suddenly single after twenty-two years of marriage, the calm of Katherine Price’s midlife has turned upside down. Seeking to find her true self, she took a chance on starting over. A year later, she is certain of this: she’s in love with Philippe and adores his idyllic French homeland, where he wants her to live with him.

But all that feels like a fantasy far removed from Toronto, where she’s helping her friend Molly, hospitalized after a life-threatening accident. Staying in her childhood home full of memories, Katherine wonders: Is she really ready to leave everything behind for an unknown life abroad? And if all her happiness lies with Philippe, will it last? Can she trust in love again?

Searching her heart, Katherine finds the pull of the familiar is stronger than she thought. An…

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The Stranger – Saskia Sarginson

Check out the book, The Stranger, by Saskia Sarginson, as featured on the Cleopatra Loves Books blog.

Cleopatra Loves Books

Contemporary Fiction

A small town complete with a tea room is the setting of this nuanced tale by Saskia Sarginson. This is not the obvious psychological thriller with never-ending surprises that I was expecting, but unsurprisingly given the previous two books I’ve read by this author; The Other Me and The Twins, there is undeniable tension and that sense of needing to know what happens next.

Eleanor Rathmell is the owner of the aforementioned tea room, she also keeps an assortment of animals at her home which she shares with her husband William. All is good in her life, except the secret she has kept all her married life. With few cares in her world, Ellie’s life is turned upside down when she witnesses a horrific car crash, an accident that to her horror she discovers results in William’s death. Worse is to come as she finds evidence that she…

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Dissension by Katie Salidas @QuixoticKatie Book #1 in a #Distopia #Vampire series

Check out the book, Dissension, by Katie Salidas, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog.

Rosie Amber

Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising, #1)Dissension by K.A. Salidas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dissension is a paranormal dystopia novella and book #1 of the Chronicles Of The Uprising series.

The prologue opens with a description of the end of the world on December 21st 2012. Few survived, but those who did were forced to work together for survival. Vampires came out of the shadows and in the beginning collaborated with humans.

One hundred years later, the vampires are slaves to the humans who use their weakness to sunlight as a weapon against them. Near the Pacific coast, in New Haven City, Mira has been imprisoned for almost thirty years. She’s forced to be a fighter in a Gladiator style arena with many others, who suffer daily torture and humiliation at the hands of humans. Mira longs to escape.

The faint whiff of hope is offered by Regent Lucian Stavros. Mira is right to…

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The Ghost Marriage by Peter May

Check out the book, The Ghost Marriage, by Peter May, as featured on the Fiction Fan Blog.

FictionFan's Book Reviews

Take this woman…

😀 😀 😀 😀

This short novella is a new follow-up to Peter May’s China Thrillers. This was the series that originally turned me into a May fan, long before the Lewis Trilogy made him a major star in the firmament of crime fiction. So it was a pleasure to revisit Margaret, the American forensic pathologist, and her Chinese partner, Li Yan of the Beijing police.

Margaret and Li Yan are still living together, now with the addition of their young son, when Margaret is approached by an elderly woman who tells her that her granddaughter has gone missing, and begs Margaret to use her influence with Li Yan to get him to investigate. As Li Yan gradually finds out what happened to the girl, the story takes us into a mysterious and macabre aspect of Chinese tradition, and into the secrets and lies that can exist…

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Book Review: The Night Brother, by Rosie Garland

Book Review: The Night Brother, by Rosie Garland

Check out this review of the book, The Night Brother, by Rosie Garland, via the Little Bookness Lane blog.

Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  The Borough Press

Publication date:  1st June 2017

After previously spending time in A Palace of Curiosities and travelling back to the 14th century with Vixen, I was over the moon to discover the same staggeringly talented author of these two books has a new one on the horizon – The Night Brother.

Once again I find myself lost in the reverie of Rosie Garland’s exquisite writing. Extraordinarily enchanting,The NightBrother’s emotional bounty caresses each page to boldly pursue the trials that can divide and conquer.

Sharing a parallel existence, so one leads by day and the other by night, we see life through the eyes of Edie and Gnome (Herbert). These unique siblings occupy one body in a challenging world, where gender equality is a ludicrous notion and many battles are fought, both publicly and in private.

Edie’s and Gnome’s personalities mature from mischievous children…

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Fetishizing The Process

Here are some great answers to some traditional questions about writing from the Megan Morgan Author blog

Megan Morgan

I haunt a few writer’s groups/forums online. Most of them are populated with people around my own skill/experience level, that is, people who have been in the writing game for a while and have a few things published. One of them, however, seems to be largely populated by newer writers–ones who are just starting out, or who haven’t been published yet or haven’t been at it very long. The contrast between these two types of groups is glaring.

I once saw someone coin a brilliant phrase which has stuck with me for years, though I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it. The phrase is “fetishizing the process.” This means focusing on the superficial aspects of something rather than the technical skills involved. I’m talking about wanting a picture for your Instagram of your neatly-organized desk, as you sit behind it with your scholarly glasses on…

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