THE BEACH by Michele Jones – in response to my Stock Photo Challenge #stockphotochallenge

“Gregg, look.” Lisa pointed to a man playing guitar. “Let’s ask him to play our song.”

He wrapped his arm around her, and they walked to him.

A simple thing to keep her happy. If she knew… Would she be with him? Their entire relationship and marriage was based on a lie. Their honeymoon—a family business trip. And tonight was the night.

“Excuse me.”

“Name’s Jim.”

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Three’s a Crowd by Harmony Kent – In response to my Stock Photo Challenge #stockphotochallenge

Three’s a Crowd

The waves lap at the pristine shore of an island thousands of miles from any mainland. My guitar washed up last week, and despite the hammering the salt waves and blazing sun gave it, a little tuning has it sounding lovely. But then, after you’ve been alone for a month, any other voice but your own is bound to sound good.

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The Pilgrimage by Harmony Kent a response to my Stock Photo Challenge

The Pilgrimage

They ate their sandwiches at the treeline. The sun shone fiercely. Ellen wiped her brow and sipped her water.

The group laughed at Ryan, who kept on about ancient aliens and this archaeological site. Mike, the quiet one, shook his head and spat in disgust. He came and sat by Ellen.

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Stone Valley by Michele Jones – In response to my Stock Photo Challenge

Gregg took Lisa to Stone Valley and showed her the small house at the back edge of the property. He knew she’d love it.

Once they decided to get married, getting a house with a big yard was something they discussed.

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Stock Photo Challenge

I’m going to see if there are more responses this week as I post the fifth installment in this writing challenge.

There were some great submissions to my stock photo challenge last week. You can check out their stories at these links

Bridal Falls by Michele Jones, The Snapshot by Harmony Kent, Life Waits in Helmfirth by Jo Hawk

Here is a review of the rules:

  • Write a story, poem or other type of prose of 100 words or less and post it on your blog.
  • If you leave the link for your blog post in the comments of this post, I will share it on my blog.

Here is the photo for this week’s Stock Photo Challenge

The Snapshot – By Harmony Kent – Response to my Stock Photo Challenge

The Snapshot

He held the photo in his hand, struggling to reconcile the difference. She looked so happy and full of anticipation. The young woman had her whole life before her. Suddenly, his life leached of all meaning.

Determined to do something, anything—even though he couldn’t put this right—he knelt by her side and rested bared fingertips on her forehead. She didn’t complain.

The visions hit. Her life snapshotted before his eyes.

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BRIDAL FALLS – By Michele Jones in response to my Stock Photo Challenge

Lisa snapped a selfie at Bridal Falls to show Gregg. They place was beautiful and would make a great venue for their wedding. He agreed.

After filing permits, they needed to wait for the next Council meeting. Their request would be on the docket.

“Are you ready for tonight?” Gregg asked.

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