Author Newsletters – Do you use one?

Author Newsletters – Do you use one?


I recently spent some time updating my newsletter. I’m looking to grow my mailing list and thought I would be more engaged with my subscribers by integrating my newsletter with my blog and giving them information about upcoming projects.

I’m reaching out to the authors in the blogging community as well as the readers for a couple of things (I’ve been doing this a lot lately).

  1. Would you mind looking at my newsletter and giving me feedback on the content, design and anything else that comes to mind. You can find it HERE.
  2. If you’re a reader, why not give it a try. I promise not to fill up your inbox, and you just might find something useful once in a while.
  3. Finally, and I never blatantly ask for reblogs, but if you’re so  inclined to help me spread the word to your followers if you feel that it is worth sharing, I would be very grateful.

Thanks again. Sorry for being so needy lately 🙂