Free Story: A Twist of the Tail

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Nicholas C. Rossis

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In April 2018, I posted my thousandth post on this blog. To celebrate, I started sharing here all my short stories. Every couple of weeks, I’ll be posting one story from my celebrated Exciting Destinies series for you to enjoy. With over 30 stories so far, I hope you’ll have lots of fun in the coming months!

This week, it’s “A Twist of the Tail,” a story from Infinite Waters. Click here to read some more free stories.

A Twist of the Tail

Despite the early hour, I was covered in sweat. The day promised to be another scorcher. It was August, after all. I let out a small groan and faced the cloudless sky, grateful for a brief whiff of morning breeze, before I grabbed the suitcase’s handle again. What have I put inside, anyway? My mind was…

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Haunted By the Book I Never Finished Writing

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Novelty Revisions

In 2015, I wrote about 60,000 words of a novel I thought would be “the one.”

Over the next three years, I wrote about 15,000 more words of that same novel. I was in it for the long haul, and I figured all those years would eventually pay off.

But at the end of 2018, I realized that I had spent months struggling through one sentence of that book at a time. I dreaded opening it. Every day I would force myself to keep working on it, inching closer and closer to the finish line, but never quite getting there.

Finally, I decided it was time to let it go. Not just for a little while, not “until I figured out what I wanted it to be,” but forever. I felt as if the story, the characters, everything about the novel was holding me down. I wanted to desperately to…

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My favorite podcasts for writers #WriterWednesday #AmWriting

Check out this post from D.E. Haggerty’s blog that shares some favorite podcasts for writers.

D.E. Haggerty

I’ve never been a big podcast listener. I like the idea of podcasts, but I can’t sit still to listen to them. And don’t tell me to listen while at the gym. I need some pumping music to get me through the mundane hours at the gym. But recently, I’m spending a lot of time driving to and from our house in Germany. As it’s a four-hour-drive each way, I found myself with some prime listening time on my hands. I’ve discovered some great podcasts to help in my marketing endeavors. Here are my favorites:

podcast 1The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast. This podcast by Chris and Becca Syme features podcasts of about thirty minutes on various marketing issues. I like the short duration as I may have a slight attention span problem. Features include keys to successful bidding with BookBub ads, copywriting skills to help sell more books, and why…

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Markets For Writers

Check out this Market For Writers from this post on Esther Chilton’s blog.


The Big Issue Crime Writing Competition is certainly worth an entry. Why? Well, with a prize of a two-book publishing contract under the Avon Books UK imprint by HarperCollins, why wouldn’t you want to enter?!

They’re looking for a 100-word synopsis and the full manuscript. To find out more about the competition, and how to enter, visit the competition page.

You have until 31st May 2019.


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Writing a Choose Your Own Adventure (With a Demo!)

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Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

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If any of you are as old as me, you might remember the ‘choose your destiny’-type books from the 80s and 90s. In particular I remember the Stephen Jackson and Ian Livingstone ‘Fighting Fantasy’ books. Anyone remember Deathtrap Dungeon or The Warlock of Firetop Mountain?

It started out as a game for children where the narrative was not linear, in that at the end of each page, the reader is given a choice to make to progress the story. The decisions that the reader makes influence the outcomes of the story, ending up in an overall ‘completion’ or usually several different ‘failures’. In essence, what we are talking about, is an interactive story. How cool is that??

So How Do You Write One?

The first thing that I thought about when thinking about this post, was ‘how on earth am I going to keep all the…

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A 4000 Word Short Story to a 43000 Novel

Check out this excerpt from Partners in Time by Stevie Turner from this post on her blog.

Stevie Turner

This 4000 word short story ‘Partners in Time‘ eventually spawned a 43,000 word novel of the same name, which is now available for pre-order at just $0.99 / £0.99 until May 20th:



CHAPTER 1 – February 1867

There’s ice on the inside of the windows again. Peggy needs to re-light the fires; it’s six thirty and she should have been up by now.

Emily Cuthbertson drew the ribbon of her nightshirt a little tighter around her neck and burrowed underneath the counterpane, sighing with relief when she heard the welcome light tap on the door.

“Come in!”

Peggy, more red-faced and flustered than usual, carried a full scuttle of coal and kindling, and headed straight for a mound of white ash in the fireplace, scraping out the grate with practised ease. Kindling in place, she struck a lucifer…

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