A Special Holiday Gift to My Readers

Lucy_s_Christmas_MiracleOne of the supporting characters in my Frank Rozzani detective series is not a human, it’s a dog. Lucy the dog inspired a Christmas-themed short story that I wrote a couple of years ago. Lucy is based on an actual dog that we had as a pet with the same name. Our Lucy was also a Black Lab/Border Collie mix like the dog in the books and this story. She was a very smart dog that basically trained herself.

From December 8th – 12th, I’m giving this story away for free. You can get a copy HERE.

I wrote this story completely on a flight from Atlanta to Boston. It was about a two hour flight in rough weather.  It’s a light-hearted mystery about a child that goes missing and the events leading up to finding her.

It was originally meant to be a quick tale to get readers interested in my books and as a special Christmas bonus to those who have read the books to whet their appetites for the third book in the series. It has become a favorite standalone and has received positive reviews.

I had written the dedication to my youngest daughter who is sometimes wise beyond her years. A freaky thing occurred when I asked my usual artist to create a cover for the story. It came back with a picture of a little girl being guided by a dog. I had to take a second look at the picture as the little girl has a strong resemblance to my daughter mentioned in the dedication. The designer has never met or even seen my daughter, so the coincidence was interesting.

I hope you enjoy this tale and the message that it brings about what is important in life.

You can download Lucy’s Christmas Miracle HERE from December 8th through December 12th.

Release of Short Story Collection – Random Tales

I’m excited to announce the release of my new collection of short stories entitled Random Tales. It’s a compilation of short stories that I’ve written over the past year. It contains introductions to each story that give the reader insight into the thought process and motivation for each story.

Random Tales - A collection of short stories by Don Massenzio

Random Tales – A collection of short stories by Don Massenzio

I hope you enjoy this collection!