An Excerpt from Blood Orange

I’m proud of the performance of this book so far. It’s been live on Amazon for about five months now and has an average review of 4.8 stars after nearly 30 reviews.

For those of you who have not read it, I’m devoting most of this post to sharing  the initial chapter of my book, Blood Orange. This chapter describes the action at one of America’s premier sporting events and the confusion over what happens as it comes to its conclusion. Please enjoy this excerpt from Blood Orange, which is now available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats. You can get your own copy by clicking here.

Front Cover New

Chapter 1

It was the perfect storm. College basketball heaven. The men’s championship game had finally come to Syracuse, NY. For decades, the college basketball Mecca had tried every strategy to lure the big game to arguably the most famous arena in the sport, the Carrier Dome. The governing body of college sports, despite its often tenuous relationship with Syracuse University, could not refute the long and storied love affair that the school and the surrounding community had consistently demonstrated for college basketball. Finally, with a concerted effort from the Mayor, the university, and local businesses, the three games of the national Division I men’s basketball championship were being played in Syracuse to a sellout crowd from all over the nation. The basketball court had been reconfigured in the center of the Dome so that nearly 65,000 screaming fans could have seats to watch the game with countless others watching via live television.

Just hosting the game would have been enough, but to make this event even more meaningful, the two teams that met on this unseasonably cold and misty April night in Syracuse were the hometown Orange and the Blue Devils of Duke University. In the years since Syracuse joined Duke’s athletic conference, an instant rivalry had emerged between the two schools. They were headed by the number one and number two active coaches with the most wins under their collective belts. The two coaches were also close friends and had together coached the USA Basketball Team to multiple Olympic gold medals.

It had been a whirlwind season. Duke had beaten Syracuse at home in the teams’ first meeting by one point in overtime. Syracuse then took Duke to three overtime periods in the Dome for a two point victory. In the conference tournament, the two teams met again in the championship which also went to Duke by three points. Amazingly, the only losses the teams had suffered during the season were to each other.

Both teams had then sliced their way through the tournament field like a hot knife through butter. There were no upsets by Cinderella teams. Both coaches and their squads seemed intent on meeting in the big dance which would be played on Syracuse’s home turf. The other teams in the tournament semi-finals were immaterial as both were beaten by over twenty points. It seemed to be destiny. This was not lost on the coaches. They held an unprecedented joint press conference the day before the game to announce that both of them would be retiring following the game. An uncharacteristically emotional Syracuse coach said that he could not imagine a better way to end his career than by playing the ultimate game against his best friend in his home town. While he did not say it the media would add to his comment, “on the court bearing my name.”

The city of Syracuse was electric in anticipation of hosting the big game, but now there was an unprecedented frenzy. Offices were empty on this Monday preceding the game. Businesses were bracing for the onslaught of overflow fans that could not afford tickets to see the game in person. The area around the Carrier Dome was crowded with people looking to be close to the action.

Now that the game had started, it was shaping up to be another classic Duke/Syracuse back and forth battle. The Duke team fought through the famous Syracuse zone defense with lightning quick passes and a hot three point shooter. The score was tied at halftime. The crowd was going crazy.

As the second half progressed, it was proving to be another close game that would go down to the wire. Thousands of fans in Syracuse and millions around the country were glued to their television sets waiting to see how this game would end. With two minutes to go, the score was going back and forth with a one point advantage to each team with a two point basket. Then, with ten seconds to go, the Syracuse point guard was fouled on a missed layup. He missed the first free throw and then sank the second tying the game. Duke had the ball. The Blue Devils took their time working the ball up the court. The clock counted down as the team worked for the final shot. Five, four, three, two, one…


Armory Square, the destination of many basketball fans that couldn’t be at the big game in person, was overflowing. In an unprecedented move, sections of Franklin, Fayette and Walton Streets had been shut down to vehicle traffic so that revelers could enjoy the game. Many of the local establishments had put large screen televisions outside so that overflow crowds could watch the game as they drank specialty orange drinks from large souvenir cups. It was like Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. The sense of pride in the city as it hosted the big game was higher than it had been in recent memory, maybe ever.

The collective noise of the crowd was audible for blocks and increased in intensity with each basket, turnover, and foul. The game was more than living up to the hype. The frequent lead changes and outstanding performances by players on both teams made it both a thrilling and maddening situation for Syracuse fans. As the game progressed, the fever pitch of the crowd rose. Finally, as it looked like the game was coming down to the last shot with the score tied, the fans huddled together and became quiet. They clung to each other as Duke brought the ball up the court and prepared to take the last shot against the formidable Syracuse zone defense. Just as the Duke point-guard launched a three point shot toward the basket, a bright flash of light was visible two miles away in the direction of the University. It was visible for many miles around and the low rumble that occurred afterward was felt and heard throughout the city. The quiet of the crowd was replaced by collective screams and wails of disbelief.

What had happened on the hill?

The crowd that had been mesmerized by the game was now completely silent staring at the flash of light followed by a small mushroom cloud visible in the distance. Lights went out on the hill, including the famed Crouse Irving clock tower. Lights began to come back on as emergency generators kicked in revealing a cloud of smoke and debris hanging over the area.  Fans in Armory Square clung to each other in horror as the audible sound of sirens began to head in the direction of the Dome. Many covered their faces in horror as the sound of cheering turned to silence and then to muted sobs.

What had happened on the hill?

Short Stories for Your Enjoyment

My first venture into published writing was to write short stories and publish them as Kindle Singles for $.99. After I completed four stories, I thought it would be fun to put them into a collection, Random Tales. Three of these four stories were submitted and accepted by magazines. They are available separately on for $.99 each, but, you can pick up the entire collection for $.99 as well.

Crazy you say? Well maybe. I wanted to give potential readers a way to sample my writing without a huge investment. The cover for the collection is clickable and is shown below:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054]Here is a description of each of the stories:

  • Heal Thyself – A man who is in a terrible accident wakes up to find that his life has changed forever in a very unexpected way.

The short story, Heal Thyself, holds a special place in my heart. It was the result of my first serious attempt at writing. It was the first short story that I completed and had published. I remember when I heard back from ‘Down In The Dirt’ magazine that they wanted to publish my story. I received no money and actually had to buy a copy of it myself, but hey, I was in print.

The story emerged from reading news headlines. I saw a story about a man riding a motorcycle that had been in a horrific crash and his injuries had paralyzed him from the neck down with multiple internal injuries.

Instead of this inevitable outcome, I started thinking about what alternative endings there might be. I have always been an avid reader of everything written by Stephen King and I began thinking of his book, The Dead Zone which centers on a man that wakes from a coma with psychic abilities that end up torturing him. Thinking of that story gave me a direction for Heal Thyself and I was off and running.

  • August 1963 – A story that was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’ speech about a young boy transplanted to the South in the early 1960’s.

This story was written to mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. There are a few things to note about this story. First, the main character tells the story in first person, which was something I wanted to try. Second, the character is a transplanted northerner moving to the south at a time when the Civil Rights movement in the US was at a fevered pitch. Although I was less than a year old when this story takes place, I experienced some of the same issues that the main character faced during my own move to the south over 30 years later. Finally, if you’ve read “Frankly Speaking” or “Let Me Be Frank”, you might notice some familiar names and references. This is something that I’ve started to do in my work. I want to have a common underlying thread or universe of characters throughout my work.

This story very much echoes my own feelings on prejudice and racial inequality. One theme that rings through is, no matter how enlightened we think we might be on either side of the race issue, we don’t truly understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of others involved in the struggle. I was able to weave in music as a common thread that binds the characters together. You will see the use of music in many of my stories. Besides writing, it is another passion in my life.

One change that I made in this version of the story from the original that was published as a single, is using the actual n-word instead of masking it. I received some reviews and messages saying that this would make the piece more authentic. I struggled with this as the word has become so controversial and I have always viewed it as offensive. I was convinced when I recently re-read my favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. When Scout uses the word in the book as a young child, her father tells her not to use the word because it is “common” meaning “low class” in the context of the time and place. I am using it in my story even though, like Atticus Finch, I consider it “common”.

  • Play It Again Des – A young piano player realizes his dream of being one of the greats, but at what cost?

This story is about the consequences of taking shortcuts. In my career, I have reached heights higher than I thought I would, but it has been a slow and steady climb. I have refused to play politics or to “sell my soul” to get ahead. I don’t golf. I don’t go to cocktail parties. I would rather color with my seven-year-old than hang out with a bunch of “Masters of the Universe” at a country club on a Saturday morning.

The main character of this story, Desmond Brown, takes a shortcut and suffers the consequences. His shortcut is the result of youthful impatience and coercion by an evil entity. In my corporate career, I have seen both of these at work and have somehow failed to succumb to either. My career ascension may have been slow, but I am able to sleep at night.

Note: If you’ve read my novels, you will see other common threads in this work from the “Frank” universe. Pay attention to the location in New Orleans in particular.

  • Lucy’s Christmas Miracle – A dog saves the day and makes Christmas memorable.

I wrote this story completely on a flight from Atlanta to Boston. It was about a two hour flight in rough weather. It was inspired by the dog, Lucy, in my Frank Rozzani Detective Series books. It’s a light-hearted story about a child that goes missing and the events leading to locating her.

It was meant to be a quick tale to get readers interested in my books and as a special Christmas bonus to those who have read the books to whet their appetites for the third book.

I had written the dedication to my youngest daughter who is sometimes wise beyond her years. A freaky thing occurred when I asked my usual provider to create a cover for the story. It came back with a picture of a little girl being guided by a dog. I had to take a second look at the picture as the little girl has a strong resemblance to my daughter mentioned in the dedication. The designer has never met or even seen my daughter, so the coincidence was interesting.

The book is only $.99 in the Amazon Kindle format. I think these stories are worth reading and I want to get them exposure. Also, for those of you that have not read my work, this is a great way to introduce you to my writing.

If you want to pick up a copy you can download it here.

Media Coverage for Blood Orange

I’ve been very fortunate with the publication of Blood Orange to receive some very good media coverage. I did a couple of things with this book that I hadn’t tried with previous ones and they paid off to some extent.

First, I picked an event that was tangible and took place in a real place. I did this hoping to get the attention of the media in that place and it worked. I wrote about my hometown and made the story about a real historical event that took place there, the explosion of the munitions plant at Split Rock near my hometown of Syracuse, New York that occurred in 1918. I then tied the story to a beloved event in Syracuse, college basketball.


When I sent a press release to the Syracuse newspaper, it immediately got coverage in the article shown HERE.


The second tactic that I used, at the suggestion of Brian Fogarty, the inspiration for the story, was to use a real television reporter from Syracuse in the story. I made sure to get her permission and let her preview the section that featured her. She not only agreed, but talked up the book to the producer of the local talk show and it resulted in the interview featured HERE.

I don’t have the ability to directly track this media coverage to sales of the book only to say that it is my best selling book to date. You might think some of these tactics are shameless, but I don’t think they compromised the story and, hey, they worked.

I look forward to your comments.


Off to a Fun Author Event

bob2Tomorrow, April 9th, I will be participating in the Book Obsessed Babes Author Event in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the second year for the event. I participated last year and it was my first ever author event. I’m introverted by nature and I was not confident in what I was doing, but I enjoyed it immensely. Now, a year later, I am amazed at how many of the authors I know and have met either in person or virtually. I’m looking forward to participating.

I’ll be posting pictures and thoughts on the event over the weekend and early next week.

If you’ll be in the Jacksonville area, please stop by this event and say hello.

You can check out the website HERE.

Why Write a Detective Series?

When I wrote my first book, Frankly Speaking, I had no intention of turning it into the first of a series, at least until I got to the last chapter. I was influenced by other book series that I head read. James Patterson’s Alex Cross books, Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series, and Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series are examples of the types of continuing saga I’m after.

To do this, I’m convinced you need to think in term of two timelines. There is the timeline of the book which has a distinct beginning, middle and end. There is also the much more subtle, lengthened timeline that is the back story of the characters.

lg-crossPPB2In the Alex Cross books, Patterson has his character progressing from job to job and relationship to relationship. His kids and his grandmother age and Alex learns to handle things differently over the years.

delawareIt’s the same with Kellerman’s books. Alex Delaware solves a case in each book, but ages behind the scenes. His relationship to his significant other goes through changes, his pets change, but his car has remained constant over the past 30 years (albeit with new engines occasionally).

bolitarCoben’s Myron Bolitar character also progresses through the various books. He moves out of his parents’ basement, has relationships, and makes business changes.

My series consists of three books and one short story with a fourth book in pre-order right now on Amazon. I’ve boxed the first three books and the story at a low price to get readers familiar with the characters in anticipation of the new book.

Now for the shameless plug:

If you are interested in the boxed set, you can find it HERE:

Frank Rozzani Boxed Set Cover

If you’d like to pre-order the new book, click HERE:

Front Cover

What are your thoughts on book series? Do you like them or hate them, or are you somewhere in between? What are your favorites?


Ten Books That Have Influenced Me

I really hesitated to come up with a top ten list involving books. I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. Coming up with a list of 10 is not realistic so, I did what I always do when I have a difficult task. I used the ‘rip off the band-aid’ method. I just listed the first 10 books that came to mind that have had an influence on me. Some influenced me as a writer. Others influenced me as a person.

Duma Key

10) Duma Key (2008) – Stephen King

This book is a bit off the beaten path. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Stephen King fan and you will see more of his books on this list. It’s one of the first Stephen King wrote after his accident when he was nearly killed while walking on a road in Maine. The story centers on a rich self-made construction company owner who is injured by a falling crane. He leaves his company, divides his wealth to provide for his ex-wife and daughters, and moves to a secluded house on one of the Florida Keys. While there he resumes the hobby of painting from his earlier life and discovers that he has some strange and powerful abilities. What really struck me about this book is the relationships. More than some of his pre-accident books, King writes thoughtfully about the relationships between the characters. One of the most touching is his relationship with the caretaker of Elizabeth Eastlake, the only other resident on the key. The man has an inoperable brain tumor. The main character, Edgar, is able to repaint the man’s CAT scan minus the brain tumor, and cures his condition. There are some elements of horror in the book, but what impressed me was King’s character development and inventiveness.

A study in Scarlet9) A Study in Scarlet (1887) – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I consider the Sherlock Holmes books, written by Sir Arthur Conan, to be the penultimate among private detective fiction. Doyle was not only a masterful writer in this genre, but his formula whereby Holmes solves the crime and then the criminal describes how the crime was carried out in great detail is highly effective. This book is interchangeable on the list with other Holmes novels, but it is the first and feature the introduction of Watson and Holmes.


8) It (1987)- Stephen King

If anyone doubts the versatility of Stephen King, this is the book to read to remove all doubt. In this book, King writes in the voice of his main character’s childhood and adulthood seamlessly. He is able to effectively describe the bond among the friends in this book while managing to scare the crap out of his readers. This is one of the scariest books I have ever read. The relationship is similar to that which he writes about in Dreamcatcher, but It does it more effectively and with much more impact.

The Stand7) The Stand (1978) – Stephen King

The Stand is Stephen King’s epic novel. I know he wrote The Dark Tower series, of which I am not a huge fan, but The Stand surpasses TDT on many levels. It is the classic good vs. evil saga. What is magnificent about this book is the character development. King has a laundry list of diverse characters and nearly all of them are fully developed over the course of the book. In addition, he grabs the reader from the very beginning and makes you both rush to the end of the book, but wish that it will continue.

Tell No One6) Tell No One (2001) – Harlan Coben

This early book by Harlan Coben is easily his best. The book opens with a man who is grieving over the loss of his wife eight years earlier. He is then sent a mysterious email with a link and when he clicks on it, he sees a woman who looks just like his wife on a web cam and she holds up a note that says ‘Tell No One’. The rest of the book revolves around the danger he faces and the mystery of why his wife is missing. I’ve waited for Coben to achieve the level of quality of this book and, although he has come close, some of his books since this one have really missed the mark.

wtbb5) When the Bough Breaks (1985) – Jonathan Kellerman

This is the first book by Jonathan Kellerman to feature his Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis characters. Like Kellerman himself, Delaware is a child psychologist and musician. Delaware, however, is called in as a consultant with the Los Angeles Police Department. This is where he first encounters Milo Sturgis, the rough, poorly dressed police detective who also happens to be gay. Sturgis is closeted in the early books, but later, due to his prodigious ability to solve cases, he is accepted and promoted. This book deals with Delaware being called in to work with a young child who is the only witness to a murder. It is the first of many Delaware novels over the past 30 years. I have read them all and they are a huge influence on my own writing style. His development of Alex and Milo as friends and colleagues over the years has been masterful.


4) 11.22.63 (2011) – Stephen King

Yes, another Stephen King book, but this is not in the typical genre for him. In his later life, King has branched out into detective stories, with his Bill Hobbs trilogy, and with this book, a mix of historical fiction and time travel. The premise is that the main character is reluctantly on a mission to travel back in time, through a portal in a diner, to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Preventing the assassination, however, is only part of the allure of this novel. King did his homework with the historical part of it as we get great detail into Lee Harvey Oswald’s origins and background. King also writes very well in contrasting the time periods. The ending of this book is also very interesting. King has proven that he can move from genre to genre very well, especially this late in his career.

The godfather

3) The Godfather (1969) – Mario Puzo

This book is special to me for a couple of reasons. It was the first adult novel that I ever read. My parents went to see the movie and couldn’t stop talking about it. I found the book in our bookcase and started reading it to see what all of the buzz was about. I was hooked. Puzo did a great job of capturing the spirit of the Italian family within the backdrop of criminal activity and murder. When I had the chance to see the movie when I was older, along with Godfather Part II, I was impressed with how closely they followed the book. I’ve gone back and read the book a couple more times and have watched the movies (with the exception of Part III) many times. This book made a strong impression on me.


2) Of Mice and Men (1937) – John Steinbeck

I read this book as a senior in high school and it was the first piece of classic literature that I enjoyed thoroughly. Steinbeck’s tale of George and Lennie is captivating. The love between the two characters is inspiring. This is especially true through George’s caretaking of Lennie and the ultimate gesture he has to make in dealing with him.

TKAM1) To Kill A Mockingbird (1960) – Harper Lee

I have read this novel three times. First, as a senior in high school, again in my 30’s and then again just before the unpublished and unofficial sequel, Go Set a Watchmen, was released. The mark of a good book is that you get something new out of it every time you read it. As the US is potentially taking a big step backward in terms of racism, this book resonates more than ever.

Honorable Mention:

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, could easily have made this list. There are countless others as well. I thought about doing a list by genre, but that would be too difficult. It might be something I tackle in the future.

Do you have life-changing books that you’ve read? How about books that have influenced your writing? Tell me about them. I’m always looking for a new direction to send my reading tastes.

New Book/New Blog Status

So I took the plunge and paid the $99 to upgrade my WP blog to premium status and I’d love to tell you about all of the improvements I’ve seen from doing so, but I can’t because I really don’t see any.

I still can’t use plugins and I can’t quite get my blog to look the way I want it to. There is one new capability, however, that I’m trying out and that’s embedding a video in my blog. It’s the trailer for my new book, Frankly, My Dear, which is now available for pre-order.

The beta readers are liking it so far. One even told me it’s the best book of the four book series. Here is a synopsis:

Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, has left his tragic past as a police officer behind for life as a private detective. Frank and his partner Clifford “Jonesy” Jones work with the local police to solve crimes that are virtually unsolvable.

In Frankly My Dear, the fourth in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series of novels, Frank and Jonesy are at it again and this time the case is one of the most bizarre that they have faced. Their latest client, arrested for domestic abuse, swears that he is the victim of one of the most vengeful women on the face of the earth.

Frank and Jonesy must determine if their client is telling the truth. As they become investigate the case, they again pay a personal price for their involvement. Is their client trying to get away with his crime or is his ex-girlfriend continually coming up with new ways to damage him and his reputation?

Follow them as they navigate the twists and turns in this exciting new installment in the series, Frankly My Dear.

You can pre-order a copy today by clicking on the cover image below:

Front Cover

A Timely Tale

I had no idea when I wrote Blood Orange that my hometown team would actually reach the Final Four in the NCAA men’s championship basketball tournament. They do in the book and it’s just eerie that, against all odds, they actually did it this year. Not only the men’s team, but also the women’s team from Syracuse University will be going to the final four.


I happen to be in Syracuse this weekend and the atmosphere is exciting. In Blood Orange I actually have the championship taking place in Syracuse. It is an exciting college basketball town. Just having their teams in the games this weekend leads to a palpable feeling of unity as everyone seems to be wearing their team colors. I passed by a shop that is making special t-shirts for the event and they were inundated with fans buying merchandise.

Blood Orange leads to a tragedy centered on the game. It is certainly not something I would wish to happen, but the idea is how vulnerable events like this and others where many people gather. These soft targets are ones that we have witnessed attacks on in Paris, Brussels and here in the US at events like the Boston Marathon. They are vulnerable.

As Blood Orange points out, the culprits aren’t always who we expect in these attacks.

If you’re looking for a thriller that delves into this subject, check out Blood Orange and, this Final Four weekend, GO ORANGE.

Blood Orange Cover


Catch up Before the New One Comes Out


The fourth book in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series, Frankly, My Dear, is available for pre-order. If you want to catch up on the previous books, here is a great way to do it with a couple of clicks.

When you write a series, it’s great when you have enough to create a cool boxed set. I’ve done this with my first three Frank Rozzani detective novels (number four just went to my editor today).

The first three books can be read standalone, but do have a backstory arc that runs across them and is resolved (maybe) in book 3. They flow together nicely with each one setting up the next.

In addition to the three novels, I’ve included a special short story, Lucy’s Christmas Miracle, that was written about Frank’s loyal dog, Lucy.

All of this adds up to about 800 pages of compelling private detective mystery goodness for a price that is about 60% lower than the price of all of these things added together on Amazon.

But wait, there’s more…not really. That’s about it. If you like what you see, you can check them out HERE.

Here is a synopsis of each item, however:

Book 1 – Frankly Speaking

A 16 year old girl has disappeared. The police believe she is a runaway. Her parents believe she has been taken and is being held against her will. When the parents enlist the services of Frank Rozzani, a former police officer turned private detective, a series of events begins to unfold that implicates a popular local pastor and the religious stronghold of the ultra-conservative community.

Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, must find the young girl despite the obstacles launched at him from the local police and others whose interests may be compromised by his investigation. Frank enlists the help of his associate Clifford “Jonesy” Jones to find the girl, uncover the conspiracy, and stay alive. While solving the case, Frank must deal with the demons that drove him from Upstate New York causing him to leave traumatic memories and his children behind.

Praise for Frankly Speaking

“A nicely woven tale with intriguing main characters.”

“Good indie fiction, a compelling suspense thriller”

“Frankly Fantastic”

Book 2 – Let Me Be Frank

A young girl is senselessly murdered. The police believe the murder to be a random homeless casualty until it is discovered that she has ties to Fat Sam and his mysterious past life in The Big Easy.

Join private detective Frank Rozzani, and Clifford “Jonesy” Jones as they travel to historic New Orleans and other areas in the Gulf Coast to search for clues in the girl’s trek to Jacksonville, Florida that will help them uncover evidence implicating those responsible for the murder so they can be brought to justice. They soon discover that things are not as they seem. As the case progresses, the evidence uncovered has ties to the tragic events that drove Frank from his life in Syracuse, New York. Frank realizes that proceeding with the case could change his life, as well as the lives of those around him, forever.

Praise for Let Me Be Frank

“Another great by Don Massenzio”

“Frank and Jonesy are once again doing what they do best”

“Great next installment!”

Book 3 – Frank Incensed

The stakes are high as Private Detective Frank Rozzani races against time to save the love of his life. Will Frank rescue her from the terrible man in the trench coat or will this man end the life of yet another person that Frank is close to? Find out who survives in the new Frank Rozzani Detective Mystery – Frank Incensed.

Praise for Frank Incensed

“I am a new fan of Don Massenzio”

“I loved this book!”

“The further adventures of Frank Rozzani, a good read!”

Bonus Short Story – Lucy’s Christmas Miracle

It’s the Christmas Season and a child is missing. Her parents are frantic. Join Private Detective Frank Rozzani and all of his friends as they search for her in the inclement weather of a cold winter night. It will take a miracle to bring her home safely. Christmas is the time for just such miracles.

Praise for Lucy’s Christmas Miracle

“Wonderful POSITIVE mystery short story by a talented author.”

“A happy little tale.”

“This short holiday story by Don Massenzio is definitely worth a read.”

Now Available for Pre-Order

Things are coming along well with the new book, Frankly, My Dear. I’m starting to get positive comments from the beta readers now and will be going out to advance readers in a couple of weeks. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on April 29th.

If you’d like to pick up an advance copy, you can do so by clicking on the book cover below:


Here is a synopsis:

Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, has left his tragic past as a police officer behind for life as a private detective. Frank and his partner Clifford “Jonesy” Jones work with the local police to solve crimes that are virtually unsolvable.

In Frankly My Dear, the fourth in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series of novels, Frank and Jonesy are at it again and this time the case is one of the most bizarre that they have faced. Their latest client, arrested for domestic abuse, swears that he is the victim of one of the most vengeful women on the face of the earth.

Frank and Jonesy must determine if their client is telling the truth. As they become investigate the case, they again pay a personal price for their involvement. Is their client trying to get away with his crime or is his ex-girlfriend continually coming up with new ways to damage him and his reputation?

Follow them as they navigate the twists and turns in this exciting new installment in the series, Frankly My Dear.