Case Study: Army of the Dead

Check out this great post from Craig Boyack via the Story Empire blog titled: Case Study: Army of the Dead

Story Empire

Hi gang. Craig with you today. I needed something to post here, and this came to me after watching a specific movie. You all know how I like to study films, then break them down to see if I can learn something.

This is a new movie on Netflix, it’s called “Army of the Dead.” This is your obligatory spoiler warning. If this film is on your horizon, you might want to stop reading now.

Lisa Burton

I will go on record as not liking this film. There I said it. I checked comments around the Internet and it seems to be split as to how people felt about it. Most of them are either based upon their love or hate for the special effects. Some didn’t like the addition of the helicopter lady whose scenes were all spliced in due to Covid.

I could care less about these issues. I grew…

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