I learned a new word

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Hi Gang. Craig with you again, and I learned a new word. (Not that I’m likely to remember it at my age, but writing it down helps.) I’m sharing it here, because it’s also an obscure kind of story structure. I can see that it has merit under some circumstances.

The word is picaresque. It basically means a kind of story that deals with episodic adventures of a usually roguish protagonist. They usually feature a character from the lower class. In one of these novels, there isn’t much character development, and a fairly shallow plot. The fun comes from the charismatic protagonist and the adventures involved.

Sounds pretty lousy, am I right? That was my first blush too, but I did a little bit more digging. Most of the examples get around to referring to the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. That one sold a few copies.

Let’s pick at those…

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1 thought on “I learned a new word

  1. All true, but there have been a number of picaresque characters that have sold in their millions; Michael Moorcocks; Captain Quire. Fritz Leibers; mouser, Harry Harrisons the stainless steel rat and too many more to mention other than perhaps the original Picaresque character; Don Quixote.

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