Only Three Days Until Bounty Hunter Is Available!

Check out the upcoming release of A.J. Alexander’s book, Bounty Hunter. Details are in this post from The Writer’s Treasure Chest blog.

Writer's Treasure Chest

The ‘Bounty Hunter’ Countdown is on!

Book #4 of ‘The Council Of Twelve Series’

will be published

March 13, 2021

Currently, Bounty Hunter can be pre-ordered:


Bounty Hunter – Kindle edition by Alexander, A. J., Magical Design, K. J., Publications, DSM. Children Kindle eBooks @


Smashwords – Bounty Hunter – a book by A. J. Alexander

When Centriel roams the Earth in a dark mood and atypical despair, in a mountain clearing, far from humankind, he unexpectedly discovers a runner, followed by a petite hunter. The way the woman treats the giant fugitive amuses the Archangel, but he quickly learns that neither of them are what they seem to be.

Simin Arnatt is an extraordinary woman. Her occupation as a Bounty Hunter takes her all over the world, as she follows her prey to the most unusual places. She would have never expected to meet the famous…

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