Holistic Reviews

Check out this great post from Gwen Plano via the Story Empire blog on the topic of Holistic Reviews

Story Empire

Hello S.E. readers, Gwen with you today to discuss a familiar topic — book reviews. If you’ll journey with me, I hope to spark a smile or two.

Earlier this week, I was reminded of a chat session on writing reviews. The leader focused on a particular book and by the time she finished her presentation, it laid lifeless before us. I went to Amazon, found the book, read this presenter’s 2-star review, and then turned to the author’s bio. The young writer’s personal story greatly moved me, so much so that I purchased the book. Within a couple of days, I posted a 4-star review.

I learned a lot through this process, about me, about you, about anyone who bares their soul. Writing doesn’t solve our problems, sometimes it creates more. What it does do, however, is give us a way to say hello. We hope our stories…

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