Expansion Pack: The Return of Comedy

Check out this great post from C.S. Boyack via the Story Empire blog with the topic: Expansion Pack: The Return of Comedy.

Story Empire

Hi gang. Craig here again with more comedy items you can plot out ahead of time. The last post was pretty popular, so why not a sequel. The previous post contained a list of traditional gags along with some examples you might be familiar with. You can read it here if you’re coming in during the middle.

I even have a wrap-up post planned that includes some items you don’t plan for, but that’s next time. Let’s jump into our list. Everyone loves lists, right?

Misplaced Optimism: This lands at that point of the story when all is lost. It’s the inspirational speech that gets the heroes back on their feet. You’ve all heard those wonderful speeches before.

Here’s how the gag works. After the heroes are in motion once more, someone says something like, “It all worked out for them, right?”

The speech maker says, “No, they all died…

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