7 Tips to Having a Reunion Plot in Your Story

Check out this great post from the Legends of Windemere blog with 7 Tips to Having a Reunion Plot in Your Story

Legends of Windemere

The Seven Deadly Sins

This storyline might be fairly niche, but it’s caught my attention.  In fact, I think it’s turned up more often than I realize.  ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ and ‘Red’ come to mind.  Both have a reunion plot where most of the characters already know each other.  They have a lengthy history and possibly some fame.  I’ve got a few tips for this, so let’s see what we have.

  1. The heroes don’t need a getting to know you stage.  This can take up a lot of time and patience, especially with a large group.  In a Reunion Story, they don’t have to be introduced to each other.  This connection can be used to introduce them at a faster pace to the audience too.  For example, I was able to show a lot more characters in War of Nytefall since they were already connected than in Legends of…

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