Poetry and Fiction

Check out this interesting post from D.L. Finn, newest addition to the wonderful group of authors that make up the Story Empire Blog. Her topic is the relationship between Poetry and Fiction

Story Empire

Hello SEers! This is D.L. Finn, Denise, and I’m excited to be here today and part of such an accomplished group of authors.

For my first post, I decided to talk about something dear to my heart, poetry. It’s a beautiful art form that allows me to express my feelings and observations. But more than that, it’s allowed me to become a better writer. It is the soul of my writing.

When I write a poem, whether it’s a free verse or a Haiku, there is a limit to the number of words I can use. It has forced me to utilize each word carefully, so it provides an impression.

This developing skill of picking impactful words has helped with my fiction writing. I tend to be a wordy writer. Applying what I’ve learned in putting poems together, I cut out those extras that the reader won’t miss and…

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