I’m In It For the Love (Mostly) – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Don’s Comment: If you haven’t had a chance to check out and follow the Writers in the Storm Blog. You really should. There is valuable information from a team of talented contributors on a nearly daily basis. Here is a great post from one of those contributors:

Writers in the Storm has always been a labor of love for everyone behind the scenes. Yes, it’s work to keep up a thrice-weekly blog for more than a decade, but it usually doesn’t feel like work. And the personal rewards are enormous.

I haven’t taken a poll of all the other behind-the-scenes peeps, so this is a window into my own journey and my perspective on the magic of WITS, and of giving back to your fellow scribes in some capacity.

I do it for the love…mostly.

The Magic 6 Ingredients

When I sat down to think of why I’ve been happy to be a part of the WITS Dream Team for ten (coming up on eleven [eek!]) years, I boiled it down to six things.

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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