A Different Approach to Social Media

Check out this post from P.H. Solomon via The Story Empire blog with A Different Approach to Social Media

Story Empire

Greetings to all the Story Empire readers today. I’m posting late since I appear to be lost in some sort of time warp from finishing up a manuscript revision. My apologies for the delay today.

Retro effect and toned image of a woman hand writing a note with a fountain pen on a notebook. Handwritten text THE POWER OF HASHTAGSeptember begins several months of higher books sales and many authors are working now on more active approaches to promotion. Many people will rely on social media and reaching larger numbers of readers. With this in mind, here are some thoughts about gaining a higher reach than you may be getting with your social media (me included). It may be a longer way to the goal but it may end up being more rewarding.

Not everyone has a following of tens of thousands of readers which limits the reach your social media posts may have. Getting some shares from followers and friends can assist in gaining more reach than you otherwise would have. There used…

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