Why You Need to Write Less (Every Now and Then)

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Meg Dowell Writes

It has been almost 20 days since I last opened my book.

I’m very slowly making my way through a second draft. There are no deadlines other than the recklessly ambitious one I set for myself at the end of 2019 … you know. Before the entire world just … yeah.

But I’ve still been struggling with feelings of anxiety and guilt, knowing I could be working on finishing this thing. Even though I’m not doing it as quickly as I’d like to be.

Aside from blog posts and “real” work, I haven’t been doing much writing for myself at all lately. Which is totally fine, don’t get me wrong.

In fact … maybe we all need to go through brief periods of “I haven’t been writing a lot lately.” Maybe that’s the untold secret to long-term writing success.

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