Cultivate Your Audience with this Tip

Check out this post from P.H. Solomon via the Story Empire Blog that tells us how to Cultivate Your Audience with this Tip

Story Empire

Good morning Story Empire readers, PH here with you today with more tips and information to help you along with your writing career. Since I began self-publishing several years ago, it’s been a long journey of learning, often through trial and error. Because I got off to a slow start marketing my book, there was a steep learning curve. Because of time spent learning, I also became someone more willing to try different things, maybe even make a few more mistakes.

With that understanding in mind, let’s explore a few more things that I’m working through for my marketing. One of my goals is to have more engagement with my reading audience. This is a little tougher than it seems and the fantasy audience for which I write can often be somewhat silent because there are a lot more men reading science fiction and fantasy. Men tend to be less…

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