Start Writing a Story That Wakes You Up

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blot that tells us to Start Writing a Story That Wakes You Up

Meg Dowell Writes

Everyone has something they love to do so much that they wake up every morning like it’s a holiday — because they’re so excited to get out of bed and do more of that thing they love. You just have to find your thing.

The second I heard some version of this mantra, my life changed forever.

In all honestly, the biggest downside to writing professionally is that you often have to write, edit, and complete other tasks you’re not overly enthusiastic about. People talk about writing like it’s this glorious stress-free career, and perhaps for some people and at some points it might seem that way. But the reality is that you don’t get to spend every single moment of every day doing what you love most.

So when people actually started paying me to write things for them, I had this brief existential crisis. Up until that point…

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