The World Will Tell Writers Not to Be Proud

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog that tells us The World Will Tell Writers Not to Be Proud

Meg Dowell Writes

Even though this blog will continue posting as normal about the usual topics during this time, I just want you to know that no matter who you are, even if I don’t know you, you matter to me. I’m doing everything I can to amplify the voices that need to be heard right now on the appropriate platforms. Stay safe. Keep going. And take care of yourself.

And please consider being part of the solution.

“I can’t stand people who talk about their own writing. They must be so self-centered.”

“Self-promotion will never not look bad.”

“Don’t talk about what you’ve accomplished. Focus on what you’re going to accomplish next.”

“Plenty of people have written books. It’s nothing worth celebrating.”

Many writers, believe it or not, get comments like this. Writing “experts” write entire blog posts about this very topic. Don’t be obnoxious. Don’t talk about yourself so much…

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