Do You Have to Be a Good Writer to Be a Good Editor?

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog that asks the question: Do You Have to Be a Good Writer to Be a Good Editor?

Meg Dowell

Even though this blog will continue posting as normal about the usual topics during this time, I just want you to know that no matter who you are, even if I don’t know you, you matter to me. I’m doing everything I can to amplify the voices that need to be heard right now on the appropriate platforms. Stay safe. Keep going. And take care of yourself.

And please consider being part of the solution.

Not all writers become editors (beyond the self-editing we all do to ourselves). But all editors do start out as writers. And there are plenty of good reasons for that.

Let’s be honest: the title of “editor” just sounds cool, doesn’t it? It implies, rightfully so, that you know what you’re doing. You’re in charge of other writers’ content, to a certain degree. You’re movin’ on up, as they say. I don’t know who…

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