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Meg Dowell Writes

The Blank Page is a new weekly series on Novelty Revisions dedicated to any writer who is just beginning their journey or starting again after a long pause. Check back every Monday for more tips and inspiration.

It’s happened to every writer at least once throughout their tenure as a creator, paid or otherwise.

And if it hasn’t happened to you yet … it will.

You’re sitting at your desk working on a writing project, or you’re walking your dog or washing the dishes or driving your kid to school when BOOM. An idea hits you straight in the face.

And then another. And another … and another. One right after the other. A flood of new ideas that continuously spark new ideas. A rush that seems alarmingly unstoppable.

I call this “brain rush.” It’s more than inspiration — it’s a much deeper sensation. An awareness, almost, of what feels…

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