Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously | The Blank Page

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Meg Dowell Writes

The Blank Page is a new weekly series on Novelty Revisions dedicated to any writer who is just beginning their journey or starting again after a long pause. Check back every Monday for more tips and inspiration.

Writing is, for many people, a business. Some depend on writing to sustain themselves, to pay their rent and feed their family and enjoy the few luxuries they may be able to afford thanks to their ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with words.

But even considering that, it’s just not wise to take yourself so seriously every moment of your writing time that you withhold all the light and joy that could transform your otherwise bland prose into something extravagant.

As a beginning writer, you probably already have a lot going on. You’re in the midst of trying to figure out who you want to be as a creator — what kinds…

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