Writing in the Time of Coronavirus from the Writers in the Storm Blog

I don’t know about you, but everything is taking me twice as long these days. Sometimes more than twice as long. When you throw a pandemic into the mix, once-simple things seem to take forever. This is the reality of writing and working in the time of coronavirus.

The Downs and the Ups

Everyday tasks like running to the store have been elevated to the level of a campaign – there’s planning and strategy, timing and cleanup. There’s store debriefing, for crying out loud.

Me, last week, after a two hour shopping trip to Target:

“They’re still out of Jif and apple sauce, so I got SunButter and apples.”

“Everything on the right side of the table is sterilized, but I’m letting it rest for a few hours.”

“Don’t touch anything on the left until tomorrow.”

“Still no Softsoap or wipes. But I found toilet paper!!!”

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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