10 Things That Will Probably Tempt You to Quit Writing (Even If You Don’t!)

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog with 10 Things That Will Probably Tempt You to Quit Writing (Even If You Don’t!)

Meg Dowell Writes

1. Watching other people succeed. You can be happy for your friends, family, and writer acquaintances and still battle feelings of discouragement. It’s pretty normal. You shouldn’t let it knock you down, but it will try. You have to let yourself feel those feelings and then continue moving forward.

2. Being told you’ll never reach your goals. Yes, people will say hurtful things to you and try to crush your dreams. Even if you don’t let them change your trajectory, words still hurt.

3. Wanting results “right now.” We’re used to getting the answers we want and checking off boxes ASAP. Writing doesn’t work like that. It’s a slow, but satisfying, burn.

4. Waiting. Writers do a lot of this, and it’s hard even when you’re distracting yourself with new projects while you wait to find out if the one you just finished will ever go anywhere.

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