A Heaven for Toasters: Chapter 9

Check out Heaven For Toasters by Nicholas Rossis from this serialized post on his blog. You can check out this chapter and all of the previous ones by clicking on the links in his post.

Nicholas C. Rossis

A Heaven for Toasters | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book After relaunching A Heaven for Toasters, complete with new cover, I promised to publish it here in installments. Here’s the next chapter.

Note: You can find a link to all published chapters at the end of this post or read more parts on Wattpad.

A Heaven for Toasters

What if your perfect man was a robot?

Detective Mika Pensive has a new partner. He’s hot. Smart. Funny. And an android.

Set in the near future, A Heaven for Toasters is more than a sci-fi crime adventure with plenty of romance and wit. It’s the book that will make you look at your toaster in a whole new way.

CHAPTER 9: Hail Mary

4:27 a.m.

The empty lobby was probably an unexpected perk of the emphasis the hotel placed on human personnel: everyone was sleeping at this late hour. Like many high-end hotels, this one guaranteed its clients’ privacy…

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