7 Tips to Working with a Serpentine Idea

Check out this great post from the Legends of Windemere blog with 7 Tips to Working with a Serpentine Idea

Legends of Windemere

Look, many of us can’t say that our original plans go off without a hitch once the pen meets the paper.  Even outlines change as you move along, so there’s a very organic undercurrent to writing in general.  Maybe it isn’t that strong with you because you have it very controlled, but there’s something at some point.  It could be the editing stage when you junk 95% of what you wrote and then act like it was all part of the plan.  That’s another version of a twisting, serpentine idea, which can be difficult to wrangle.  It can easily derail a story if you aren’t careful or flexible.  So, what are some ways to handle this potentially inevitable hurdle?

  1. Ride the wave when it strikes because it can be your subconscious showing you a connection.  This doesn’t mean to do it blindly and without holding onto the reins a bit. …

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