You Might Be Too Worried About Having the Most ‘Original’ Idea | The Blank Page

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog that tells us You Might Be Too Worried About Having the Most ‘Original’ Idea | The Blank Page

Meg Dowell Writes

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I’ve told the story on this blog previously about how a book I wrote eventually got turned into a movie … except it wasn’t actually my book and I didn’t get any credit whatsoever for my effort (or compensation, for that matter).

My draft and this movie just happened to have almost the exact same premise, neither aware of the other. The movie came out before I ever got the chance to send my manuscript to a publisher and it’s still sitting untouched on a hard drive somewhere in storage. Sad times.

To be clear, I was never ACTUALLY mad about this. I wrote the book during my junior year of high school…

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