It’s Not (Just) About How Much Time You Spend Writing | The Blank Page

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog that reminds us: It’s Not (Just) About How Much Time You Spend Writing | The Blank Page

Meg Dowell Writes

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How do you measure your writing progress?

This question has a complicated and different answer depending on the individual in question. Some people aim to write five times a week and count any session as part of that five as long as they write at least a few hundred words. That works — you have to measure these things in ways that work for you.

But then there are all those things you hear about the 10,000-hour rule, and how long you “should” be spending on your writing on a daily basis (some even use “daily” in the literal sense — uh, please don’t). Should you be measuring your writing time in hours?…

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