Dual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 2

Check out this great post from P.H. Solomon via the Story Empire blog with Dual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 2

Story Empire

Good morning Story Empire readers. PH here with you today getting back to using meta-content from your novel development as a way all of communicate to readers about your book. You can read the first post in this series where the concept of creating content with dual-purpose is discussed in more detail.

Today, I wanted to get into the specifics of developing content that you can use while creating your novel as well as later on when marketing your release. One of the more popular ways of marketing at release is to take your book on blog tours. Some authors do quite a lot of these while others may do none at all. I suspect that some of us do fewer or none at all because we don’t have the time to prepare this much content around our busy lives in order to release a book more effectively. My belief…

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