All the Work, None of the Reward (Yet)

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Meg Dowell Writes

Last year, I spent over 50 percent of my writing time composing words that still only my eyes have seen.

In my (perhaps over-ambitious) quest to write 1 million words in 365 days in 2019 (I did it, but barely — more on that later), there was no way I could have spent 3,000 words’ worth of time every single day only writing words presentable enough for readers, editors, and potential collaborators to view.

Since one of the main purposes of this personal challenge was to force myself to all but completely abandon my natural state of perfectionism, I ended up spending a lot of time writing unpolished prose.

It’s an extremely effective way to train yourself to write anything and everything, anywhere, anytime. But there is one consequence to this particular method of practice: You end up doing a lot of work without the adrenaline rush that often comes…

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