Writers: Beware of New Projects

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog with the warning: Writers: Beware of New Projects

Meg Dowell Writes

By now, my list of “projects I want to work on when I finish all my current projects” spans multiple pages. When I get new ideas, I get excited. I want nothing more than to drop everything I am doing and start that new project as soon as possible.

Why not wait? Because I might forget about it! Or my enthusiasm might mysteriously vanish! Or — every writer’s greatest fear of all — someone else might get to it first. (This has actually happened to me, by the way. Hollywood made a movie based on a book I wrote, except it wasn’t actually based on my unpublished book, so I got zero credit. It has been seven years. I am still not over it.)

New projects are fun and exciting. Their shine is irresistible, their persuasion cannot be ignored.

But beware. The temptation of new things that can replace…

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