Mary’s Magnificent Muse Mart: Trade-Ins Only on Thursday

Check out this great post from Charles Yallowitz’s blog with the topic: Mary’s Magnificent Muse Mart: Trade-Ins Only on Thursday

Legends of Windemere

Greek Muses

Come on in and put on a toga to join in the ambiance.  It isn’t mandatory and you can put it over your clothes.  Judging from the eye twitches, I’d say you’re an artist with either a deadline or more coffee than blood in your body.  We’ll wait on visiting the cafe in case it’s the latter.  Don’t mind our resident doctor checking you as we walk.  Want to make sure we aren’t going to have an issue.  Now, what kind of muse are you looking for?

Yes, it is strange that we can build muses here, especially since artists have always believed that they are chosen by these mystical beings.  That’s how it went in the old days, but anyone can be an artist now thanks to social media.  Now, our muses might not be as great as the natural ones, but can you really risk your…

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